Cox 11

This website was designed for the Cox 11 television station based in the Hampton Roads Area. The site was built around a YouTube integration that would allow the site to automatically update whenever new YouTube videos were posted in the customer's YouTube Channel.

Kings Creek Resort

This website makes use of a variety of animations to provide an extra touch of elegance to the website. This includes menu buttons that appear to light up, page elements that slide in from the side and up from the bottom of the screen, and informative tool-tips.

Kitty Island

This was a website redesign in which the client wished to retain their previous layout, and Header Graphics, while modernizing the page's look and functionality. This page makes us of page specific heading features, Google Maps integrations, and a gallery slider for the kitties.

EVO Contracting

This website makes use of a One Page Design. This design, as the name suggests, places all content on one single flowing page, but in a manner that organizes the content in a similar manner as multiple page sites.